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Friends of Hope Cove Harbour

Help to preserve Hope Cove​ - this wonderful charity is fundraising to save the village breakwater for the future - please help ensure the beach and village survive winter storms and rising sea levels

Places to eat

Some of our favourite places to eat: Hope Cove HouseThe Cove, The Oystershack, The Beachhouse, Ocean's Reach

Need more space?

If you need additional space for family or friends, the sweet cottage next door may also be available to rent.  Click here for information on Harbourside.

Hope Cove Gallery

Just behind The Watch House, this wonderful gallery is full of treasures by 40

local artists​

Sea Kayak Salcombe   &   TriOcean

Book a sea kayaking trip with Ben, or visit TriOcean to kit up​ for any watersport activity

Salcombe  Dartmouth  Totnes
Click on the town for more information about places to visit

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